“I am an integrated whole person due to ART. I once had eleven personalities. All of which fully came out in 2009 when I was triggered by PTSD. I was sexually abused throughout my childhood starting at the age of four. Some of which was SRA, which later in life caused the diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder.

The process of ART was interesting. My therapist had to work with each personality’s PTSD with ART. Once they had their redirected scene (The Lord always showed up to rescue and comfort them) they were peaceful and slowly slipped away. This occurred eleven times. Little by little they all kind of blended into mas a one mind. As one mind I did ART to process some memories, but because my traumas were processed with my personalities I had no longer suffered with the PTSD with my memories. It was miraculous! What freedom! There was finally silence in my head.

I am now a whole person, because of ART. I no longer suffer with PTSD, anxiety, depression, DID, cutting, night terrors, suicidal ideations and social anxiety. I am embracing life once again. My adult children have started to include me in their lives again and I can enjoy my grandchildren.” ~ B.T.